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Looking for legal services for your small business? Carucci Butler, LLC, has the experienced attorneys you need to succeed. And now, our services are available for a small monthly fee.

No more big invoices; no more large fees; no more surprises when an unexpected legal problem arises. Have a team of dedicated attorneys by your side all the time! We are proud to introduce the CB Prepaid Legal Services Plan:

A small business client pays a monthly fee of $150. In return, that client receives a number of benefits, including telephone consults, document review, no-cost and reduced-rate litigation services, debt collection, and more. The small business’ officers, directors or owners receive the same benefits.

On top of all that, the company’s employees also receive the benefit of this plan. All employees are eligible for reduced-rate legal services, making this not only a business service, but an employment benefit as well.
CB Prepaid Legal
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